Register the location of your exterior surveillance cameras with the
Harris County Sheriff’s Office and help solve crime

SafeCam is one of the crime prevention and investigative tools that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) utilizes to demonstrate the effectiveness of partnerships between police and the community. Surveillance video recorded by cameras owned by residents and business owners like you have resulted in the arrests of numerous criminals. SafeCam is your opportunity to make the neighborhood in which you live and work a safer place for the entire community. If you have a private exterior security camera, you are eligible to participate and register your camera with SafeCam through the below link. By registering your camera, you are simply allowing the HCSO to contact you in the event of a crime in your area. HCSO will not have access to your camera system and cannot access camera footage without your consent. There is no requirement to provide footage at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If a crime occurs in your area, HCSO will contact you and ask if you are willing to share any camera footage.

Investigators will contact you behind the scenes and will identify the best meeting location.

If you have footage that you would like to share with HCSO, please contact

Yes, there is no requirement to provide camera footage and you can decline to do so at any time.

  • First, video evidence has been used to solve hundreds of violent crimes in Harris County. Where video evidence is available it lessens the need for the home/business owner to attend court proceedings.
  • Second, if a crime occurs on your block in the middle of the night, we will set up more convenient time to meet with you if you are willing to share camera footage.

Anyone who lives or operates a business within Harris County is welcome to register the location of their private camera and aid in criminal investigations.

You can register your camera system by completing this questionnaire. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. At the end, you will be asked to certify that the information is accurate and to the best of your ability. You can enter more than one camera system for different locations under your control.

No. There is no cost associated with registration.

The contact information you provide may be accessed by HCSO when investigating a crime in the vicinity of where your camera is located. HCSO may contact you to request a copy of any video captured by your camera system. The camera system is your property and you have the right to refuse any requests.

No, HCSO will not have direct access to your camera system. Registering your camera with us is voluntary and provides HCSO with the location of your cameras and a means to contact you if a crime occurs in the vicinity of where your cameras are located. Your authorization is always required for you to share camera footage.
A: None of your personal information will be shared precluded by law.