Contract Deputy Program

The Harris County Contract Deputy Program was established during the 1980’s by Harris County Commissioner’s Court. Homeowner Associations, Municipal Utility Districts, and School Districts may contract with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to have a deputy designated for their specific area to further enhance public safety in their communities on a fee basis. The Harris County Contract Deputy Program compliments our already existing District Patrol Units, allowing for a more proactive, rapid response to calls for service.

To request contract patrol services from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Homeowner’s Association or Municipal Utility District should send a letter, on letterhead, requesting a contract. The letter should include the number of deputies the association is interested in contracting and when it would like for the contract to begin. It should also include a contact name and phone number. Contracts are awarded for a one-year period and are renewed on March 1st of each year. Letters should be mailed to:

Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Patrol Bureau
1200 Baker Street
Houston, TX. 77002
(713) 755-9545