Inmate Bonding Process

Where to Post a Bond

The Harris County Sheriff's Office will accept cash or surety bonds at 700 N. San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77002.


The security given by the accused that he/she will appear before the proper court and answer to the accusation brought against him to include a bail bond or personal bond.


A written agreement, executed by the defendant or one or more sureties that the defendant designated in the instrument, will while at liberty as a result of an order fixing bail of the execution of a bail bond, appear in a designated criminal action or proceeding when his/her attendance is required. In the event he/she fails to do so, the signer of the bond will pay to the court the amount of money specified in the order.

Bail Bond

A written agreement entered into by the individual and his sureties that will guarantee appearance of the individual before the court or magistrate. However, that the individual and his sureties upon execution of such bail bond shall deposit funds with the sheriff of the county, in which the prosecution is pending, in current money of the United States, in the amount of the bond.

Cash Bond

"Cash Bonds" are the full amount of the bond posted by cash, cashier's check or money order. All cashier's checks or money orders should be made payable to the "Harris County Sheriff’s Office". No personal checks are accepted. You must have a government-issued photo ID. All cashier’s checks and money orders will be verified prior to approval. When presenting a cashier’s check please ensure you do so prior to the closing of the issuing financial institution.

If a defendant appears in court as scheduled, and the case is disposed of, the court will issue a refund order. All cash refunds are processed through the Harris County Auditor's Office .

Out-of-county cash bonds may be posted for another county's charges. You will need a money order, cashier's check, or traveler's check for the full amount of the bond. The HCSO’s Bonding Section will instruct you on whom to make the money order payable to at the time the bond is posted.

Depositors that have posted a cash bond may receive letters in the mail advising them that they are due a refund after the county has already issued a refund to them. These vendors charge a non-refundable fee for their services and are not working on behalf of Harris County. Harris County does not use a third party for issuance of refunds. Refunds are only issued through the Harris County Treasurer’s Office.

Surety Bonds

"Surety Bonds" are bonds posted through approved Harris County bonding companies that charge a fee for their services. Once bail is posted, the defendant will receive a future court date and be released from jail.

Personal Bond

The defendant’s release is based on his/her own promise that he/she will show up for trial and no security is required. The defendant acknowledges personally without sureties, his/her obligation to appear in court at the next hearing or trial date. It is used when the judge or magistrate is satisfied that the defendant will appear without the need sureties or any other security. This is also known as a Personal Recognizance Bond.

Pretrial Release Bond

Personal bond granted by the judge based on the information received from Pretrial Services. When the judge approves this bond, the District Clerk’s Office will send a court order to Central Records stating the bond has been approved and stating any special conditions of the bond.
Release on a pretrial bond means that the defendant is released from custody on his/her promise to appear in court on the scheduled date. A Pre-Trail bond can only be approved and granted by a judge.