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Missing Animals


Case NumberAnimal TypeDateLocation
190204991Horse 02/15/2019 27800 Calvert Rd.
190203704Mule 02/12/2019 8917 Caddo Rd.
190202870Emu 02/09/2019 25103 Waterstone Estates Cir.
190202692Horse 02/08/2019 9930 Rebel Rd Houston
190201452Calves 02/05/2019 11122 W. Little York
HC190109549Horse Bay/Stud Blaze Face 01/30/2019 9551 N. Wayside Dr.
HC190109424Horse - Mare 01/29/2019 9735 Farragut St. Houston
HC190108916Horse-Brown/White Mare 01/28/2019 10504 Linnet Lane
HC190107686Cow-White Charloais Cross 01/24/2019 3916 Danek Rd
HC190107588Horse-Gray Mare with Foal 01/24/2019 1701 Turning Basin Dr.
HC190106650Horse-Black/white pony 01/21/2019 16510 2nd Street
HC190105998Horse-Palomino Gelding 01/19/2019 8700 Burden St
HC190104737Horse-Paint Gelding 01/15/2019 3503 Camino Del Rancho
HC19010417Horse-Bay Mare 01/14/2019 Etta St & Laura Koppe
HC190101902Sorrel Mare 01/07/2019 22999 Beckendorf Rd.

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