Justice Management Bureau

The Justice Management Bureau oversees the safe, secure and efficient intake processing operations at the Joint Processing Center (JPC). The JPC facility streamlines and expedites the booking process for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Houston Police Department, and dozens of other Harris County law enforcement agencies. It includes a medical clinic, mental health screening, and a 24/7 diversion desk to provide alternatives to incarceration for those suffering from a behavioral health crisis.

The Bureau is tasked with accepting and advancing incarcerated people from intake to the completion of charges by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and pre-trial services. The Bureau ensures people in our custody advance through the multi-step process in a timely manner through regular status checks.

The agency’s commitment to efficiency and accuracy is seen through this critical role with many processes. The Bureau comprises three divisions – central records, inmate processing, and Automated Fingerprint Identification System – and serves the state’s largest county jail system.